In the early '80s we played host to a series of young Englishmen who stayed with us several summers.  Clive was first and came back to visit most often.  Now we vacation with him and his growing family every few years. 

Clive is a better-than-average footy (soccer) player, certainly by American standards, and, at least until recently, captained England's national dragon boat team.  On his watch they beat the formidable Chinese national team -- that signal event having transpired in Hong Kong harbor.








Both these pictures were taken in Pensacola several years ago.  The first is obviously one of him and his family being forced to eat watermelon.

In the second picture, Clive is taking a siesta, while beside him, his youngest daughter stands guard, beaming her happiness.  She was wearing her all-time favorite dress and all the important people in her life were nearby -- so you can see why she might be the least bit happy.  You can't get too many days like that.

Our young aristocrat is a throwback to the great English adventurers of the past.  Well educated, bright, athletic, and a natural leader -- a dynamic character.  I sometimes wonder if there isn't anything he can't do.



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