While a student at Newcastle he spent a lot of time surveying Hadrian's Wall. On graduation he spontaneously combusted into a full-fledged Royal Surveyor.  Recently he transmorgified into a Royal Civil Engineer.  

Last time he was here he denied having adventures, then immediately launched into a  hair-raising tale about the day he became lost in a sandstorm a few hundred yards below the Kuwaiti-Iraqi border.  And this during a massive Iranian artillery assault on nearby Basra.  Way cool, I'm thinking.  Bedouins, mysterious chaps waving pistols -- that sort of thing, and like that's not an adventure?

Likes Mississippi, this guy.  Go figure.  Fed him and his Limey friend Tom beans and cornbread all one summer, and they seemed to thrive on it.  Never could get them to drink tea with ice in it, though.




Clan Ian, 23 Aug '00



Above is a photo of Ian and his family  taken (dig on this) yesterday at lunch.  They live amid historic splendors and count themselves lucky.  It isn't Mississippi, but it'll do, eh?




Either a Dreadnaught class battleship 

or a medieval castle.



Besides being an excellent footy player (by American standards), young Ian has the potential to be a fine writer.  Should his muse ever sink fangs into his fetlocks, he may one day write something truly remarkable. 



My Japanese family