My wife

A lady from small-town Mississippi.  First time I saw her, she was a high school senior standing onstage emceeing her school's annual beauty pageant.  Five years later I got to meet her in person.  

She plays a mean game of racquetball and has within recent memory competed in a triathlon.  We're talking 5K's beyond counting.  

During a typical week she runs 5 miles at least once, plays racquetball 2 mornings, and either skates 10 miles on Sunday mornings or bikes 20 to 30 miles.  All kidding aside, I'm impressed.

She's also a voracious reader.  Voracious to the point I have to hide the books I'm reading lest they up and disappear for a couple of days.



Janice 1996



This photo was taken right before we left our motel room for another of her high school Class of '66 reunions.  They've had a lot of reunions, that class.  The last one was a couple of weeks ago (July 2000), and was tacked onto the reunion held by the Class of '65.  Her Sixty-sixers will use any excuse to get together and talk over old times.  The weaklings.  Not like Spartanburg High's  proud Class of '64, who can get along just fine without reunions, thank you.    [As you were.  It's now May of 2002, and I've just reunioned with several dozen of my old classmates.  Perhaps there's hope for us after all.]




Christmas 1983



We talk a lot, she and I.  Not so much about marriage issues -- a failing on my part -- but about everything else under the sun.  Says I make her laugh.


We never had children, and that ain't such a bad thing.  At least I didn't have to explain to my child or grandchild that Lewinsky is a family name and therefore a proper noun and not a verb.  I have great sympathy for parents -- I know the job has its rewards, but it's got to be tough.  




Baton Rouge, circa 1992



The one in red, a favorite photo of mine.  She was running in a corporate race in which her team did well against the likes of Exxon and a couple of others whose names I've forgotten.  Not that her team won, but they did well.

She competes with great heart.